Ability and potential

are never stronger than


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Words are meaningful,

but modeling what you

preach is essential


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We all have the potential

to learn, to change, to be and



Let’s teach children

HOW to think rather than what



Some behavior difficulties are real,

common and best of all treatable.

Let us help you through your


In Home ABA Therapy – Crystal Minds New Beginning

At CMNB we believe that it isn’t what we do that matters but WHY we do it that counts!

Our in home ABA therapy techniques are focused on the improvement of social behaviors. We use an integrative approach to therapy. Without losing its essence in the empirically supported treatment of in home aba therapy. We combine fragments and pieces of Play therapy, verbal behavior, early childhood integration, adaptive independent living skills, and functional as well as pragmatic skills.

We offer an interactive in home aba therapy in Miami and Broward Counties with techniques focused on the perfection of social behaviors, living skills such as fine motor skills, daily living, social skills academic, reading and adaptive skills, toileting, dressing, eating, personal self-care and much more.

What We Provide

We provide ABA therapy at home, in school and in the community. Our mission at CMNB is to provide families with high-quality services and make a difference in each family’s life with only the best-trained and most proficient clinicians. Read More.

What is ABA?

ABA is a science that involves using empirically proven interventions to help shape behaviors by targeting antecedent events and consequences in the environment. Read More.

How it Works

Starting services is as SIMPLE as following our 3 step process. We are incredibly friendly and can answer any questions you have. Please contact us. Read More.

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