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Applied Behavior Analysis - ABA Therapy

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, which is a set of techniques for assessing and then positively transforming an individual’s relationship to their environment, including and especially to the people around them.

At Crystal Minds New Beginning we use various behavioral, verbal, and adaptive assessments to evaluate the individual’s communication, independence, and social and academic skills. Then we work closely and intensively with parents or caregivers in the home, integrating ABA Therapy with techniques drawn from other methods like play therapy, verbal behavior, early childhood integration, and adaptive independent living skills.

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ABA Therapy in Miami Dade and Broward

At CMNB we believe that it isn’t what we do that matters but WHY we do it that counts!

For more than 13 years we have been providing interactive In-Home ABA therapy in Miami and Broward Counties. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents, and adults by reshaping their behaviors and teaching them new skills that help them adapt well to daily living—at home, at school, and out in the world.

At Crystal Minds New Beginning we combine our ABA therapy with other therapy techniques to address a wide range of difficulties including fine and gross motor skills, picky eating, attention and focus, verbal communication and social skills, academic skills through self-management, and personal self-care such as hygiene, toiling, and dressing. In this way we change the lives of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and ADHD, and Down Syndrome.

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ABA Therapy Miami Dade and Broward

ABA Therapy Services Near You

In Home aba therapy

In Home ABA Therapy

We create therapeutic interventions aimed at improving an individual’s quality of life and enhancing their independence, happiness, and collaboration in the family and community.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

We have several groups to suit your child’sneeds. We work on school survival skills, pragmatics, communication, tolerance, turntaking and other important social skills.

Psychoeducational Testing

Psychoeducational Testing

If your child is struggling in school, a psychoeducational assessment can provide a deeper understanding of their learning profile, strengths, and challenges.

ABA Early Intervention Program

ABA Early Intervention Program

CMNB ABA Early Intervention Program, combines the personalized treatment of a direct therapist (1:1) with the added benefit of a social setting in the heart of our clinic.

How to Get Started

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Step 1

Contact us via email or phone to discuss how we can help you get started!

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Step 2

Then, we assess your child, coach you on the principles of ABA and provide you with tools for your behavior-change toolbox.

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Step 3

Based on the results of the assessment we build an individualized behavior plan.

Coverage And Insurance

We accept most insurances, and we may accept yours. See below

Choosing the right provider to cover quality therapy services for your loved one can be difficult, especially with rising healthcare costs. Our aim is to make services as affordable as possible for the families we serve. Below are some of the insurers whose plans we currently take.

Self Pay: Please contact us for our Self Pay fees. We understand that some families may not have the necessary funds to cover ABA services. We will work with you and your family to make special arrangements.

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Meet Our Team

Call us Picky but we make sure to hand pick all of our clinicians. Our staff is fluent in English and some are multilingual and are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavior, home/school intensive therapy, and exceptional parent support. We all share a passion and dedication for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and the families we serve. Each of our 65+ clinicians received ongoing training and support. We make sure to keep our clinicians happy so they can provide the best of services to you and your kiddo!

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FAQ - Need Help ?

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy. The overall goal of ABA is to figure out the function of the child’s behavior. ABA focuses on improving specific behaviors, and decreasing maladaptive behaviors.

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Yes, absolutely. The rates will be provided to you on the service agreement.

If you are doing this via private pay no insurance (self-pay) no. If you are using your insurance then yes, your insurance will most likely require a diagnosis to cover ABA services.

Yes, some private insurances such as CMS21/Sunshine/WellCare will cover ABA for those who have a diagnosis of ASD, Down Syndrome and ADHD. However, most insurance companies do require a diagnosis of ASD in order to cover ABA services. If your child does not have a diagnosis, you can still receive ABA services by entering a private pay (self-pay) agreement.

We offer services wherever the client needs them and as long as the school or facility allows therapists in.

We offer ABA services exclusively. However, our ABA therapists are also able to work on a lot of other things such as helping with communication and motor skills. Our sister company does provide psychological services, such as testing, Psychoed, individual therapy etc.

Yes, we do. ABA is for all ages and can be used for everyone.

It all depends, if you are doing private pay it should be within one week depending how quickly an appointment can be scheduled with the family to meet. If it’s through your insurance, then it would depend on how quickly the insurance company provides us with an authorization number to do the initial assessment. Typically, this can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

Every child is different. This is something that would be determined once the initial assessment is done, and analyst can determine what the child needs.

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While parenting is certainly the most rewarding job inthe world, it can also be the most exhausting - and that’s okay. Naturally, looking after little ones and keeping them safe, healthy, and engaged is tough onthe body and mind.

As much as we love keeping our kids protected in abubble, they need to be made independent (you aren’t going to be here forever, right?). Being independent will help kids make them confident and instill a sense of responsibility.