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ABA Trainings With Crystal Minds

We absolutely love teaching others about our empirically based interventions. Disseminating our science is what we are mostly proud and eager to do. That is why we offer consultations and trainings to schools, therapy facilities, and agencies that are interested in allowing us to share our knowledge and experience with them. We are also approved by the BACB to provide Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).

ABA Trainings With Crystal Minds

These are some of the recent trainings we have provided in Spanish and English:

  • The “ABC’s” of Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Learn about “EATS” every behavior has a function!
  • “Outside the box: teaching practitioners how to apply principles of ABA in school settings”.
  • “Changing defiance with some Science”.
  • Learning how to decrease challenging behaviors
  • Early intervention (from learning how the brain works to assessing some “red flags” in children under 3).
  • “Starting from the start” Using antecedent interventions to prevent behaviors from escalating.
  • Applying behavior interventions in challenging routines (teeth brushing, sleeping, outings etc.)
  • The benefits of “play” for early learners and parents.
  • Building blocks to independence.
  • “How to cope” teaching caregivers different management strategies to enhance their participation in sessions.
  • Enhancing Motivation in children and adults!

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