Center Based ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy - Outside the Home

We deliver ABA Therapy in:

  • Center-Based ABA in Doral Office location
  • Schools and daycare settings in the forms of one-to-one sessions
  • In the community or vocational setting
  • Outside the United State

Our school-based ABA Therapy as well as daycare-based ABA Therapy focuses on academic integration, social skills, and staff training and vocational development.

ABA Therapy - Outside the Home

We don’t limit our interventions to the In-Home ABA Therapy. We extend our services to other settings such as schools, centers, daycare and the community at large. Essentially, we bring ABA Therapy to wherever it is needed.

What is ABA Therapy services in a community setting?

To function successfully, individuals need to be highly integrated into society. That means we help them learn to cope effectively with a wide range of real-life circumstances that may arise. We focus on community-oriented “out in the world” capabilities such as:

Whether you’re visiting grandma’s house, shopping in your favorite store, or going to the park, there is always room for incidental learning.

How to Get Started

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Step 1

Contact us via email or phone to discuss how we can help you get started!

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Step 2

Then, we assess your child, coach you on the principles of ABA and provide you with tools for your behavior-change toolbox.

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Step 3

Based on the results of the assessment we build an individualized behavior plan.