Edith Lopez

Edith López Toro is currently a doctoral student clinician working towards her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology (PhD) attention Albizu University. She has a bachelor’s degree in Science (BS) and a master’s degree in Public Health Education (MPHE) both from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). In 2016, she obtained her Masters of Science in Psychology (MS) as part of her preparation towards her PhD. While pursuing her doctoral degree in Puerto Rico, she worked directly, as a public health educator and practitioner, intervening and tackling risky health behaviors in vulnerable communities and advocating for there quality of life. Edith is a health professional from Puerto Rico that recently moved to Miami to continue developing her clinical skills. This experience has brought her the opportunity to embrace new cultures and work with children and adults from different cultural backgrounds. She has clinical experience providing psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, elderly people and families. Additionally, her research background has brought her to study how childhood trauma has an impact on a person’s psycho-social development trough life. Her academic interest and clinical experience conducting cognitive and psycho- educational assessments introduced her to the field of ABA Therapy. She enjoys working with kids and parents helping them learn skills that will improve their quality of life. She is a truly believer that children are the foundation for a better and more equal society. Her research and clinical skills, enthusiasm, empathy and sense of responsibility aligns with the CMNB mission.