Yuraci Berta

Yuraci Berta graduated from FIU with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She is also a Registered Behavior Technician. Next, she intends to obtain a Master’s in ABA and become a BCBA. In due course, she aims to pursue a doctorate in developmental psychology. Her interest in ABA was first sparked when she saw a video of B.F. Skinner improving the behavior of inmates, and her curiosity grew once she learned more about the science in a behavioral analysis course at FIU. Once she got a taste of working in the field, she knew she had to pursue it as her career. She has fallen in love working with children, and most of all, she enormously enjoys working as an RBT. Most important, she has the pleasure of showing the children she works with how to reach a level of independence and how to adapt to their community; that in itself is a gift. As a staff member of CMNB, she aspires to share and collect creative ideas from everyone in the team as well as to support one another while working with families.