Maritza Torres

Maritza Torres is a master’s level clinician with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Psychology and a minor in Anthropology from Mount Holyoke College. She earned a Master’s of Science (M.S) in Developmental Disabilities with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University. She has been working with Crystal Minds New Beginning (CMNB) for a year and feels fortunate to have found a company with the same vision. Additionally, she obtain her BCBA certification. Maritza is driven, level-headed, and able to connect with children. She has been working with children for the past nine years (in different settings) and has an endless passion for helping children reach their full potential. She also has experience working with foster kids and has witnessed first hand how ABA can teach children coping skills. As time goes by, she is certain that she is at the right place in life because she gets to be a part of such an incredible mission.