Bethania Carrion

Bethania Carrión, M.S. is a Doctoral Student Clinician practicing Miami, Florida. She is currently training at Albizu University (AU) to obtain her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology (Psy. D.). Bethania obtained her Master of Science in Psychology (M.S.) degree at AU in route to a Psy.D. In 2013, she attained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida International University.

Bethania is the Clinical Administrative Director at Crystal Minds New Beginning (CMNB), where she provides trainings on various psychological topics and assessment measures. Furthermore, she assists CMNB in the administrative department to ensure that clients and therapists receive high quality of services. Bethania says “I am very happy to be part of such a united and ethical team!”

Bethania is extremely passionate about serving the community and those who are in need of mental health and behavioral services! In addition, Bethania has been providing in-home and center-based ABA services since 2014. She has received training in individual, group, and family therapy in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Bethania conducts psychological assessments to individuals from a wide range of age groups. Her areas of interests involve working with individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions such autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. She specializes in treating individuals who are facing challenges with depression and anxiety. Her goal is to help others improve their quality of life through therapy. Bethania strives to bring her clinical knowledge and devotion in helping others to foster the growth that others are seeking.