Ann Jully Chery

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Ann Jully Chery grew up in Haiti in a family of 6. She grew up in a small neighborhood with her parents and grandparents. Growing up, Ann wanted to be Diplomat but had a change of heart 7 years ago when she moved to the US. When Ann moved to the US she took ESL classes and went to Miami Dade college where she obtained her Associate in Arts in May 2020. In September 2020 she transferred to Florida International University and pursued Psychology as a major. She is now expected to graduate this summer 2023. She is a hardworking young woman. She welcomes new challenges and sees them as learning opportunities because of the kind of family she grew up in. Ann’s dream job is to become a BCBA one day. She is now working toward her dream by working right now as an RBT.