crystal minds new beginning rbt ABA would help youngsters on the Autism Spectrum learn life skills

Melanie Valle

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Melanie has been an RBT for a little over a year. She was raised by her mother and is an only child. She is of Cuban and Puerto Rican decent. She had an amazing childhood growing up with amazing friends and living her life as much as she could. As she was graduating from college with her Bachelor’s degree, she always had a deep desire to work with kids that struggled developmentally and she wanted to become an advocate for them. That is how she discovered the world that is Registered Behavioral Technician’s. She saw how much they made an impact on a child that struggles with their development and she instantly fell in love. In June of 2022, she took the course and the board exam and passed it and it made her so happy to know that she is one step closer to helping those kids in need. In January of 2023, she was able to begin that journey but due to some difficulties, she had to withdraw from that job but she is more than excited to restart and continue her journey in this field.