Heriberto Perez-Borroto

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Heriberto Perez-Borroto is an RBT who collects data and implements teaching procedures on atypical children at Miami, Florida. What wakes Heriberto up in the mornings is finding ways to help others and have a more positive quality of life so that future generations can have prosperity and continue to thrive. Heriberto was born in Cuba, Pinar del Rio. His family risked all they had to give Heriberto a better quality of life, he wishes to do the same not just for his children but for the entire community. Heriberto is very family oriented, and music is one of his hobbies while currently being a single father to yorkie mix. Heriberto has gained constant recognition while working in Customer Service, he has helped overcome difficult challenges during the pandemic while working in a hospital and, has helped startup a nonprofit organization to feed the homeless. He graduated from G.Holmes Braddock in 2017 while being one of the top students in the I.T Magnet Program. He is now in Miami-Dade College while studying to achieve a nursing degree.