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Juraj Velasquez

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Juraj is an experienced educator with over ten years teaching in off-school environments and broadening his knowledge through his pursuit of higher education in the areas of psychology, criminology and education. His diverse work portfolio has given him the opportunity to observe and gain insight from many professional environments, helping to understand their inner workings. These fields include human resources, logistics and sales on one hand and palliative and hospice care on the other. He has worked with a multitude of clients in a variety of different environments ranging from top and middle company management to the underprivileged, suffering and children. In the end, wherever Juraj has worked, he has enriched the atmosphere around him and helped make those around him happier and more at ease. This is especially evident in those that were entrusted into his care, his clients which became his number one priority. An asset to the company and a valuable individual, his former colleagues remember him with joy. Juraj has endeavored to make use of his talents, where they might most be useful. Bringing joy to others in both his professional life as psychologist and counselor as well as his personal life spent in the dancing rhythms of salsa and bachata, he has shown to be an individual of upstanding moral character and person whose entire being is devoted to the gratification of others.