Melanie Pardo

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Melanie Pardo is a newly certified Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) whose passion for psychology and childcare is lifelong. Throughout her educational journey, she's learned about Early Childhood techniques as well as Psychology in high school. She's volunteered in community events to promote mental healing and healthy communication. She's also tutored children in music and participated in recruiting events to promote music therapy. The field of mental health has done extraordinary things for Melanie and inspired her to help others in their journey, especially children, whose voice will help shape humanity in the years to come. Melanie took action the moment she learned about what an RBT does since the career felt akin to a calling for her. During her learning, she remembered moments where healing experiences she'd had correlated with techniques being defined in her course and from there began the connection that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) really works and has been present in many moments of her life. She's currently studying Psychology in Florida International University. Melanie truly believes in the science of ABA and the impact it makes in the betterment of everyone's growth. She will continue to strive for the individual excellence of every child through ethical practices and loving care.